Issue 12 - Intro

Updated 2 years ago by Lynn Joels

Welcome to Issue 12 of the Natural Script newsletter.

We hope you've stayed warm and well through the winter months. Not long now until nature shares her Spring beauty and we can all come out of our winter hibernation.

We've been busy here at NS HQ expanding product and liquid herb ranges (see further details below), improving compounding procedures and listening to all your feedback on what else you need from an online practitioner dispensing service.

In this issue we share with you some really helpful advice on compounding - prescribing nutritionals in capsules vs. powder form. Nutritional compounding is a growing area and we are always really happy to chat through your thoughts on possible formulations for your clients. Don't hesitate to call us for some input.

We've also shared an interesting study on the use of NAC as a way of improving dopamine levels in Parkinson's Disease.

Have a great final month of winter, we'll see you in the Spring.


Natural Script

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