Issue 12 - PPC liquid herbs - added to our extensive range

Updated 2 years ago by Lynn Joels

We're excited with the new addition to our liquid herbal dispensary - Pharmaceutical Plant Company Fresh Plant Extracts.

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company (PPC) is a Melbourne-based herbal extract manufacturer with over 25 years experience.

PPC's Fresh Plant Extracts:

- are a range of 125 extracts, which are all certified 100% organic by ACO and made using fresh herbs. They are all grown at Marleen Herbs, a certified organic, solar powered farm in Tasmania.

- are extracted with organic ethanol for maximum efficiency in maximising the active ingredients from the plant

- only use real herbal starting materials and do not reconstitute from syrups or powdered extracts

- use a cold percolation process and do not use any isolation processes, ensuring the full chemical profile of the herbal starting material is present in all PPC extracts, just as nature intended

Oh, and from personal experience...they taste great!

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