April 2018 Latest Research + Interesting Discoveries

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Platypus Milk - An antibacterial powerhouse!  

Australian scientists have recently discovered a new antibacterial treatment in the plight against superbugs. We bet you'd never have guessed it would be Platypus milk! Due to its unique chemical structure, platypus milk is helping these scientists develop a new kind of antibiotics. Read on. 

Please feel free to let us know how many client's jaws you need to pick-up off the floor, after suggesting this antibacterial treatment :) 

Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein: Which is more cardio-protective? 

Another argument for plant foods! A recent study spanning California and France has revealed that; patterns of plant and animal protein intake are strongly associated with cardiovascular mortality. Read on.

Of course, a healthy diet is all about balance, and of course, there is always room for both, but for those clients who need a little extra convincing on the relevance of plant-based protein, this is a nice article to share around. 

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