Issue 12 - BioClinic Naturals - a new product range

Updated 2 years ago by Lynn Joels

BioClinic Naturals

A great addition to our practitioner-only range of evidence-based dietary supplements. BioClinic's focus is on preventative medicine via clinical application of nutritional interventions.

They have a great range of both condition-specific and overall health and wellbeing supplements developed by industry-leading scientists and healthcare practitioners.

Their products cover:

- hormone support

- digestive support

- detoxification

- allergies

They also have individual nutrients available such as activated folate, vit D3, phosphtidylserine and NAC.

With a 600-acre+, certified organic farm in Canada's Okanagan Valley, they grow many of their own plant-based ingredients. And anything they don't produce is subjected to high levels of scrutiny to ensure quality and purity.

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