How to register

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Registering with Natural Script is simple! It takes just a few steps and no credit card is required.

Who can register?

Natural Script is available for all qualified practitioners registered with a recognised industry association. Access is also given to final year students enrolled in a course that is approved by these associations.  For more information read our 'Who can register?'.

To get started

  1. Just click the Register button located on the top right-hand side of the homepage. Or just click on the following link.
     Register button
  2. Fill out the registration form. Starting with your email, business name and password.
  3. Fill out your registration details. These details will be used to verify your account.

  4. Approval-  The last step is for us (Natural Script) to verify and approve your account. We have this step to prevent "non-practitioners" from signing up. This process normally takes less than 24 hours. We contact you via phone or email, if additional information is required. 

    Waiting for approval
  5. Once the account is ready, you are notified via email. 

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