Processing payments on Natural Script

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Credit card can be used to process payments on Natural Script.

Products that are paid for at the time of script submission are processed more quickly, as the time taken to contact the customer and collect payment is reduced. 

How to process a payment

Click on the "Submit + Payment" button (in red circle) to proceed to the checkout page for the current script. 

Script pad example - Submit + Payment

Checking Out

  1. Check the patient details.
  2. Select a shipping address. If the address has changed, you can add a new address. (Note: The products will be sent to this address, inputting a wrong address can result to the order going missing)
  3. Set the quantity for each product 
  4. Select a shipping option. Options available are:
    1. Free shipping (for orders over $99)
    2. Regular post
    3. Express post
  5. Checkout button will take you to a secure payment page to take the credit card details.

You can click "back" on your browser to stop your payment process. Your script is still submitted. We will contact your customer for payment and proceed with the order.

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