Adding a patient

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There are multiple ways to add a new patient on Natural Script.

Dashboard- padding a new patient

The 4 ways to add a new patient are

  1. "Patients" in the side navigation.
  2. Orange button in the top bar. This is a drop down menu. You can choose to add a new patient or a new script
  3. "Patients" card in the dashboard
  4. You can add a new patient while you are adding a prescription via the Script Pad

1 & 3 opens the patient page which displays all the patients in your account. Click on "+New Patient" button to add your patient

3 You can add a new patient within the script pad. 

Information needed for adding a patient

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email (You get a "email already exists" prompt, patient already exists in the system)
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth (optional)
  • Allergies (optional)
  • Medical conditions (optional)
  • Address (Each customer can have multiple addresses) - NOTE: We will ship the orders to this address

You edit these details at a later time through the patient profile.  

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