February 2018 Latest Research + Interesting Discoveries

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Algal-oil vs. Fish oil 

A recent conversation with a practitioner around algal-oil supplements led me to an interesting path of research! As no client is the same as the next, and everyone has their own unique needs and challenges, there's no direct answer to the question of which supplement is better; between algal oil and fish oil, or whether just eating oily fish is sufficient enough. At the core, the aim of both of these supplements and oily fish consumption (other than providing sustenance and tasting delicious) is to increase EPA and DHA levels. I was excited to find this study from 2008 that compared algal-oil supplements with cooked salmon and found the two to be bioequivalent in providing DHA to red blood cells and plasma. 

An interesting read! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18589030

Cricket Flour

Another quirky concept on our radar of late is cricket flour! I've noticed it popping up all over the place; from energy bars, to protein powders... In the interest of sustainable food choices and ensuring food security, cricket flour is a high protein alternative with great digestibility... 

Read more about cricket flour here; https://academic.oup.com/nutritionreviews/article-abstract/75/12/1035/4675267

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