February 2018 Natural Script New Features

Updated 3 years ago by Diana

We are constantly working to improve Natural Script. The updates we have made in the last month are:

  • We have added a support page to the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the dashboard, which you can access once you have logged in to Natural Script. This contains many short articles to help you get the most out of using Natural Script, including Navigating around the Natural Script dashboard, Adding a Patient and Storing Clinical notes on your Patient's file.natural-script-support-page
  • We have added an option to allow you to specify the brand of herbs that you would like us to use in making up a herbal blend for your patients. We have Mediherb, Nutrition Care, Optimal Rx and The Herbal Extract Company in our dispensary. 
    • An addition to this update - there's now an option for "brand substitution" for the herbal mixtures. Allowing brand substitution will speed up the process of the order. The substituting brand will be the same strength and the equivalent recommended dosing regimen.

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