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Natural Script's "Script pad" has been developed to streamline prescription writing and to facilitate the production of  a professional prescription. Prescriptions can be printed and given to the patient or submitted via our "script pad" to be generated into an order that is sent out directly to your patients.

Advantages of using the script pad from Natural Script include:

  • Professional script format
  • Printable scripts
  • Integrated dispensary (scripts are directly translated into an order which is then sent out to your patients)
  • Integrated herbal dispensary
  • Integrated compounded supplements  

How to use the script padScript pad example - Natural Script

  1. Select a patient - Type the name of the patient to search them through your patient database. You can also add a new patient if they are not already in the system.
  2. Add products - There are three types of products :
    1. Commercially available products - search from our practitioner-only supplements range
    2. Compounding product - we are able to make custom products (i.e. capsules, suppositories, pessaries, sublingual troches, powders, creams and ointments) for your patients. No need to limit your practice only to commercially available products
    3. Herbal mixture - available in 100mL, 200mL and 500mL. You choose what herbs to put in. We will pour it, label it and send it to your patient.
  3. Add dosage instructions, repeats and additional notes.
  4. Treatment plan - these notes will appear on the script when you print it and give it to the patient. Use this section to write additional instructions for your patient (e.g. life style & diet plans)
  5. Delivery note - This note will be sent to your customer on an invoice with the order. You can choose to leave the default message as it is, or write any additional notes to your patient. 
  6. There 3 ways to save this message:
    1. Save as draft - You can save it as draft. This script can be edited and printed and is stored so you can view it any time. However, it is not processed into an order.
    2. Submit - A submitted script will turn into an order. Natural Script staff will contact your patient to process payment. Submitted orders cannot be edited
    3. Submit and checkout (take payment)- You can process the payment for the script with your patient's credit card. A paid script will turn into an order without your patient being contacted by us. If you abort the payment process half way through, the script remains as submitted and Natural Script staff will contact your patient for payment.
"" Use quotation marks to search with multiple words. E.g. "Metagenics Neurocalm" instead of Metagenics Neurocalm.

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