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Recently I completed a course in Herbal Therapeutic Preparations at Endeavour College and compounded a formula for the treatment of viral skin infections. We see many children in the pharmacy with the viral skin infection Molluscum Contagiosum for which there is little effective treatment. So I thought it would be useful to research a natural treatment for this common, irritating and contagious skin infection. 

There is quite a lot of research on the anti-viral effect of peppermint, licorice and lemon myrtle, so I included these in the cream. Lemon myrtle has been used traditionally by Indigenous Australians as a healing agent for skin infections by applying the leaves directly to the skin. Recent research backs this up, finding that a once daily application of lemon myrtle for only 21 days reduces the number of molluscum contagiosum lesions by 90% in over half the children, compared to none in the control group treated with olive oil. In vitro studies explain this effect by showing that the lemon myrtle active ingredient, citral, degrades the viral cell wall, resulting in reduced ability to penetrate the host cell.

Peppermint and licorice have anti-viral effects and are also included for their cooling and anti-inflammatory effects.

We have added this cream to our formulary, so we can make it for your patients if required. You can add this to a script by clicking on the +compounding product button in the Script Pad on Natural Script, and typing "Topical anti viral cream 100g" Of course you can always call or email us to discuss it if you would like to.

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