March 2018 Latest Research + Interesting Discoveries

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Who doesn't love raw chocolate? In addition to tasting delicious, raw cacao products attract a huge market within the health scene, touted for their antioxidant benefits. For some people however (especially for those with glutamate and histamine sensitivity), it can potentially cause arrhythmogenic effects. Sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing. Read the article here

Low Carb vs. Low Fat 

A long-winded debate! There absolutely are votes for both of these dietary habits, but who are we to say which is better than the other? Surely the answer lies within the individual patient, right? As no body is the same! This article highlights just this, after a 12-month randomised weight loss trial, neither of these dietary strategies showed to be more effective than the other. Read the article here

Exercise and Stress 

We're all familiar with the correlation between exercise and reduced stress level, but how great is it when there's a study to back you up! This study was published just last month, following a rodent trial. Exercise was shown to mitigate the negative consequences of stress in the body! Read the article here

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