May 2018 - Latest Research and Interesting Discoveries

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The Role of Probiotics in the Management of Autoimmunity 

A recent study has given us more ammunition towards understanding the powerful role of probiotics and their ability to influence the gut microbiome of patients with autoimmune diseases like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. The results are not conclusive, however the evidence is a great step in the right direction, to help the mainstream understand the relevance and impact these specific microbes have towards tackling symptoms and improving treatment outcomes; "The studied strains of probiotics have demonstrated a significant effect on modulating the anxiety and inflammatory processes in patients." Read the study

Link Between Infertility & Fast Food Consumption - A No Brainer?!

When we read this headline: "Eating fast food hurts women's chances of getting pregnant" on the CNBC website over the weekend, we weren't particularly shocked at the headline, nor the supporting study conducted by Dr. Claire Roberts at the University of South Australia. To us practitioners, the role of nutrition in fertility is a no brainer, however that might not be the case for everybody! The wide-spread publicity of an article like this, might be just what a percentage of our population need, to reconsider the role plays within good health, nourishing the body and in conception. Read the article

The Secret to Greater Energy & Less Stress...

Treatment plans following consultation need not only include prescriptions for supplements and more greens! Nature of any kind, is a fantastic tool to help improve energy levels and reduce stress, just as our intuition suggested! Considering how much of our lives revolve around screens, it's no wonder we've forgotten about this simple and effective thing called 'outside'. A study in The Journal of Environmental Psychology highlights the impact of exposure to nature, (even just a picture of nature) for as little as 40 seconds has the ability to improve concentration and boost energy! Read the study

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