Issue 12 - What are we up to?

Updated 2 years ago by Lynn Joels

We are proud to be sponsoring the ATMS Functional GI Symposia - please come and visit us, we'd love to see you and share our latest updates.

When: Sunday 15th September 2019

There's a great line-up of speakers including:

  • Dr Johan van den Bogaerde: Microbiome Research, FMT and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Robert Beson: Gut health: Environmental & Internal Profile Considerations
  • Dr Jason Hawrelak: Blastocystis and Deintamoeba – Gastrointestinal pathogens or commensal Symbionts?
  • Dr Nirala Jacobi: Top Physical GI Exam Techniques
  • Dr Daniel Weber: Neurotrophic Factors in Gut Health

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